How to lose weight and still eating in Subway or McDonalds

Ok so you are hung up on eating subway and MC-Donald burgers and fried food and still want to lose weight. While this is not recommended at all, we might be able to work out a logic to be able to eat fried food and still lose weight.

The main problem with fatty food is that you tend to eat a lot of calories (which comes from oil, the dressings and chutney). To avoid gaining weight from these calories you will have to burn calorie faster than you are consuming them.
lose weight with subways and mcdonalds
Usually people recommend eating boiled or steamed food to prevent any intake of oil and carbohydrates. This makes it easier for you to lose weight. But if you cannot resist eating fried food, then might I suggest heavy resistance training with lots of water to dissolve and get rid of the fat which you are eating. You can start your day with 2-3 glass of water and then head to gym for exercising. You have to warm you body before you lift weights.

For cardio I prefer rope jumps and treadmill workout. You should do atleast 100 skip jumps with 3 minutes of sprinting on the treadmill to warm up your body. After this you can lift weights depending on which part of your body you are focusing.
If you simply want to lose weight, then might I suggest the three biggest and most beastly exercises which need lot of energy. The first one is squats. Squats work your lower body only but still it needs lot of power to lift weights using your legs.

Next comes bench press. This will work your shoulders (little bit) and your chest. You can try variations with dumbbell presses and dips.
The third exercise is dead lift. This focuses on your abdominal muscles. You can try variations with ab crunches or situps. These exercises when done back to back will require too much of power and will burn a lot of fat in your body.
However remember that you have to do these exercises only 3 times a week with proper rest on each alternative day. Try and skip fried food every other day when you don’t workout. This will keep your metabolism and fat in control.

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