How to lose weight tips with training for a Triathlon

Triathlon is the combination of three different exercises which are cycling, swimming and running. All these exercises when incorporated in your work-out schedule will give you a completely toned and lean body. Nowadays people are motivated to do a triathlon for various reasons such as physical fitness, weight loss etc. Although the reasons people do a triathlon differ, the benefits are universal. The reason which tops the charts of every individual is weight loss and not just regular weight loss but ‘fast weight loss’. Triathlon is has tremendous effect on the body due to the combination of the most grueling exercises such as cycling, Swimming which is the best exercise for weight loss and Running which is the universal mantra for weight loss.The bottom line is that this process is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life, not just physically, but mentally, spiritually and socially as well.

Swimming gives your body a complete work out. Swimming provides you with an aerobic workout similar to cycling or running. Water gives your body the resistance which is required to tone your muscles while you swim without the use of weight. Swimming gives your body the complete work out feeling without the sweat. Some people do not like the sweat while they work-out for them swimming is the best way to lose weight.

Cycling is one of the most grueling exercise in the triathlon. Triathlon bicycles are generally optimized for aerodynamics, having special handlebars called aero-bars or tri-bars, aerodynamic wheels, and other components. All the components are aerodynamic in nature to reduce the air resistance to the cyclist.

Running in triathlon is done when the athlete has already been exercising in two other disciplines. The effect of switching from cycling to running can be dramatic; first-time triathletes are often astonished at their muscle weakness and discover that they run at a much slower pace than they are accustomed to in training. Running is the most difficult discipline in the triathlon and requires a lot of stamina and physical strength.

Training for a triathlon isn’t going to consume a lot of time of your life. You just need to follow simple steps such as eat less, eat good and exercise slowly and steady to keep your body ready for the actual test. Training for the triathlon is not a big deal since all you have to do is to follow a regime for six to seven weeks and you will have a amazing experience when you actually do the triathlon. You just need to get your body accustomed to the rigorous strain which comes through the triathlon so that while actually performing the triathlon your body does not experience a shock. The payoffs, however, are marvelous: You will lose loads of weight, feel better than ever, and gain self-confidence that will last a lifetime.

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