How to lose weight effectively and keep it off permanent

While losing weight is still amongst the top priorities of almost 47% people of this world, the main focus is on how to keep that weight off your body. Studies show that obese people have far greater tendency to gain weight than average person. In layman terms it means that if you were obese and have lost a considerable amount of weight, then chances are high that you will gain that weight pretty quick if you do not look after your body and diet.

lose weight and keep it off

It’s not quite easy to lose weight once and for all and you have to stay committed to your weight loss routine even after you have lost weight. There is ,however, a slight difference between the two stages. You see after you have lost your weight, you can slightly decrease the time of exercise (sets or reps) and you can enjoy little tongue-teasers (your favorite food items). When your body gets used to a certain exercise pattern, then it is a healthy practice to change that routine.

The first thing you have to do to lose weight from your body is to stop eating fat. The food which you buy from subway or McD (or any other fast food takeouts) contains high calorie values and can make you obese. Try to avoid any high carbohydrate or fatty food – especially those which contain saturated fats. If you eat a protein diet you have two advantages – First is that you will give your body something strong to digest. You see when body gets complex food items to digest, it uses more energy to break down the food items into smaller molecules and this in turn burns your fat. Also a protein diet gives you the lean muscular look like the Hollywood actors.

To lose weight and keep it off you have to start exercising too. Nothing heavy but atleast the basic bodyweight training and a little advanced resistance training. A combination of cardio-vascular exercises and strength/resistance training burns your fat at an incredible rate. This way you can lose weight from your face, thighs and belly region too.

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