How to lose weight gained from alcohol consumption

Alcohol is often seen as the main source of gaining weight amongst Americans but according to proven scientific researches, alcohol (red wine) will help you live longer as compared to soft-drinks, like diet coke. Then why is it that people think alcohol will increase your body fat? Let’s study the background of this case.

lose weight gained from alcohol

The thing is that red wine acts as a resistance suppressor.  Why is it that people avoid having wine with food? This is because if you drink a little wine, you will feel tempted to eat any dessert or fatty food which is kept in a plate in front of you. The more you drink, the more tempted you will be to eat. The last thing you would want is to eat like a hungry wolf with all your family and friends watching you.

No w the question comes to “how determined are you to lose weight” and “how soon do you want to lose weight”? Is there any special body part you are targeting like your face or thighs? If you say yes and still are drinking then it is time for you to quit or focus on how to decrease the amount of liquor you are drinking. I know this is pretty tough talk but if you don’t give up soon, you will end up eating more calories and fat than you are supposed to and the longer it will take for to burn that fat.

But what if you were on a long vacation and lost the track of your chest-line or waist line? What if you spent night after night drinking and eating sweets and desserts? You need to stop doing that post-vacation tour and need to start eating a high protein and low calorie diet to decrease your weight. If you need to lose weight fast then you will have to head over to a gym. Do some cardio and resistance training especially squats and dead lifts which burn fat faster. Remember the more you lift and the more you exercise the faster you will burn your fat.

If you are hooked on to wine or any other type of alcohol, then try and stay away from it for like the whole week. And then maybe you can enjoy a glass of wine on weekends.

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